Our Presentation Options

We have a large range of finishes to suit everyone.
Selecting the perfect presentation for your home is an important part of the creative process and to help make the selection
process easier we have outlined our artwork finishes below:



This is the ultimate eye-catcher! It’s a brilliant way to present your images .It takes time to achieve a series of different facial expressions but when we do, it results in an amazing display of hilarity. The best display is achieved by using 9 images to showcase your personality. The individual panels are more suited for larger wall areas. Sizes start from 30” x 14” for each individual frame.



1 large frame can include between 4 – 9 images and is perfect for homes with limited wall space. Sizes start from 22” x 22”

brother and sister copy


This hero shot is all about using the one great image that makes a statement about you and your family.  Sizes start from 34”



When it’s too hard to pick one shot, this is the best option, showcasing 2,3 or even 4 of your favourite images in the one frame. This is ideal for homes with limited wall space.
A modern frame with a classic feel, this finish is sure to set your artwork apart. Styled with a range of deep natural wood frames and a clean glass finish. Sizes start from 34”



Our collections are perfect for homes with plenty of wall space. The idea behind the collection is to tell your  story and this can be done with two, three, four or more individual portraits showcasing different aspects of your family life.

All our portraits are mounted and finished in natural wood frames with a sleek glass finish.  Sizes start from 34”.

These also looks stunning without glass depending on the style of your home.

portfolio boxs


Our boxed sets are created to help share the memories around with your loved ones. With this selection you have the option of choosing 5, 10 or 20 individual mounted portraits, set in a Limited Edition Presentation Box.

You may want to give a print as a gift or simply display the boxed images on a coffee table or desk to be enjoyed by all the family.

Ideal for those with limited wall space such as apartment living and it’s also a great way to get to keep all your images that can’t be displayed on the wall. The more you purchase the more cost effective they are. Most popular purchased as a series of 5 or more. These come in two sizes: Mini Portfolio: 10” x 8” Portfolio: 11” x 14”


We recommend taking a few shots on your phone of your favourite space in your home where you
imagine your portraits hanging.

It’s always best to come prepared so it’s a great idea to measure your walls and furniture before your
consultation. Don’t forget to bring your measurements with you, this will help remove any stress of wondering what will fit
in your home and you can feel happy you’ve made the right decision.

It is advisable to arrange a baby sitter for little children, as it can get quite tedious for
them. 90 minutes is a long time. We want to be sure you have the opportunity to make your choices in a relaxed and
enjoyable environment and not feel rushed. We’re creating artwork to pass on through generations, so we want you to
make decisions you’ll be happy with for a lifetime.

We ask that all decision makers come to the viewing, that means Mum and Dad as it’s not always easy
narrowing down your choices and making a decision for everyone else.

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