About Velissaris Photography

We are Paul and Chrissy Velissaris and together we are Velissaris Photography a family based photographic studio dedicated to celebrating the importance of family.

Our passion lies in photographing families and capturing that special bond that families have.

We are so fortunate that we can do that from our home, it suits the type of work we do and it’s nice to welcome our clients into our home just as we would a friend.

inside studio




I’m the man behind the lens. Being a family man, my passion lies in photographing families and capturing that special bond that ties families together. I’m the father of three adult children (who I think are pretty awesome), a husband, a son, brother and uncle, the most important roles in my life.

Making people smile whether it’s with my camera or my jokes is what makes me tick and being able to do that everyday is pretty cool!

Away from the camera, I can be found puffing on the occasional cigar (please don’t tell my doctor) and enjoying a glass of red in the evening (this you can tell him) and looking forward to weekly dinners with my children, watching Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory … that’s it, that’s my joy!



I’m the mother of the same three adult children who I think are pretty awesome too, a wife, daughter, sister and aunt to some pretty special people. I’m an empty nester and not liking it at all!  It’s pretty lonely, not enough noise … bring on the grandchildren!

I’m not the photographer, I just happen to be married to a very talented one. I may be biased but others have said so too.

I prefer to focus my attention on you. The biggest buzz for me is getting to meet new people and learning about your family story.

From the very first phone call I get the chance to learn as much as I can about you and your family so that we have a real understanding of what you want  from your photography.



Adineh is our digital artist. She came knocking on our door 4 years ago and we are so glad she did. She fitted in right away with her cheery attitude and bright big smile.

She loves the outdoors and has a passion for all things design. Her sensitivity lends itself to understanding how to fine tune the tiniest of flaws that make our clients very happy.



Andrew is  our ‘Craftsman of the Frame’. He has been our master framer for over 20 years now which is a testament to the quality of the work he does. He is a fusspot perfectionist who builds our signature frames from scratch ensuring precision and an attention to detail that only a craftsman has.

Andrew is a father, a son and brother continuing the family spirit that is the backbone of our business.


We have had the good fortune over many years now to help our local schools, community groups and
charities with our sponsorship programs. We can now happily say that our patronage is continuing to grow
and we are always looking for ways to help our community around us with our ongoing support.
Our photography is all about the importance of family and if we can give something back it makes our work
even more worthwhile.
We appreciate the vital contribution that all these wonderful community groups make. If you are having an
upcoming event and you feel we can help your charity, school, club or sporting team simply fill in your details
on our Contact Page and will be in touch to assist you.