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I had the privilege and greatest opportunity of my life to travel to the great white continent
Antarctica in the late spring of 2017.

I was away for 3 weeks, journeying with a wonderful group of photographers from around the
world aboard the ice hardened ship: M/S POLAR PIONEER.

This amazing expedition was a co-operation between Australian photographer, Joshua Holko
(Wild Nature Photo Travel) and Norwegian photographer, Ole J Liodden (Wild Photo Travel).
They were our lead guides and made us feel very safe and well taken care of.
Best of all this expedition was timed to be the first ship crossing of the season in order to
provide the very best photographic opportunities for us, as there is still a lot of snow and ice in
all it’s pristine beauty.

The main focus of the trip for me was to create a body of work for an upcoming exhibition that
is almost near completion. I constantly had to pinch myself, here I was in the last frontier in
the presence of such natural wonder untouched by man, knowing I am the only one in my
family through all the past and even perhaps future generations to have experienced this
beautiful place first hand! Here was little old me in my privileged position taking photos of the
wild landscape and the mountainous icebergs of Antarctica, lucky me !

During my stay we experienced the full gamut of the November climate from clear blue, to
overcast skies and the most horrendous blizzards and wild seas imaginable.

It was the overcast weather where I shot my greatest images. I was able to photograph the
large tabular icebergs coming out of the Weddell Sea around Antarctic Sound as well as other
icebergs around the Peninsula itself. The overcast sky created a soft light and a beautiful
dynamic range to capture the blue and aquamarine colours of the icebergs.

The Exhibition is called ‘Across Antarctica’ and is almost ready. For enquiries about
purchasing prints, simply contact the studio on 03:9857 5001 or at

Paul Velissaris

Bailey Head